Opinion: The Rise and Fall of Brandon Bass

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Have you ever watched a player and say “Man, this team would be so much better if this guy never played.” If you have, then you know how most Celtics fans feel about Brandon Bass.

It has gotten to the point where I cringe everytime the ball is in his hands or he takes a shot. My faith in him is completely gone. He’s been routinely outplayed by an overweight rookie and a guy coming off of open heart surgery, which begs to ask the question “Why is he still starting?”

It seems weird for me to be writing this, especially since last season Bass was such a breath of fresh of air when Ainge traded him for Glen Davis. While I loved Davis, his maturity was definitely an issue and Bass’ quiet demeanor (while still producing) was great for the team. This season has been completely different as his defense, rebounding and overall production have been dismal, at best. This season, Bass has been like a kid who sits with friends at your lunch table and never talks. He will occasionally laugh at a joke or two, but for the most part, you do not really know he is there and he never really contributes much to the group. That is basically the season in a nutshell for Bass. You really do not know he is out there on the court, but when you do is usually because something bad is happening.

His one redeeming quality is that he is a very good mid-range jump shooter. His rebounding is sub-par for a big man, his post game is among one of the more uglier things I have ever seen and his defense is awful. On defense, he looks like a stubborn tourist in a foreign country who refuses to ask for directions. He is lost and I really do not know if he will ever find his way.

At this point in the season, when the Celtics are making their last push to move up in the Eastern Conference, it seems prudent of head coach Doc Rivers to put their best five players out on the court at much as possible. So far, Bass is not one of those five players. Jeff Green has proved to more impactful than the floundering Bass and I am wondering why Rivers has not made this adjustment yet. According to NBA.com, Bass has the worst plus-minus out of any of the Celtics’ rotational players (-4.4). Green sits at a +1.2.

The growth of Green has made it easy for people to ask this question lack of a line-up change. The offense is completely different with him out on the floor. Everything opens up since Jeff is able to score in so many ways. Bass’ one dimensional scoring ability hinders a lot of opportunities for this team and leads to a lot of scoring droughts.

He really just needs to not play. I am not “bagging” on him. He is just useless.

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