Sun Life Frozen Fenway 2012: For High School Players, Fenway Skate is “A Dream Come True”

Frozen Fenway kicked off with a tripleheader of high school games today. Here, Mount St. Charles and Springfield Cathedral gear up for the night affair.

by Joshua Kummins

BOSTON — It was the day of a lifetime for six high school hockey teams on Monday at Fenway Park as the Boston Red Sox opened the doors of the 100-year-old jewel for a tripleheader to kickstart the second Sun Life Frozen Fenway.

Game 1: Latin Academy 4, East Boston 3
Senior captain Kevin Moran scored a hat trick to lead the Dragons to victory in the opener of the day. The Latin offense peppered Jets goaltender and captain Sean O’Halloran with 54 shots in the contest en route to just their second win of the season.


East Boston Head Coach Bob Anthony
“For both teams and Boston Public Schools to be able to come out here to play in this type of atmosphere, it’s like hallowed grounds out here.”

“54 shots and 50 saves, what can you say? He was the MVP, as far as I am concerned, of this game. Outstanding, outstanding game.”

“Hockey is back in Boston. You can see as the way the Bruins have been playing. In the last couple years, hockey has been down and now it is starting to make a little bit of a resurgence…We realize that this can be a bit of a sparkplug for us to get us back in the groove.”

“We’ve had a lot of calls, I’ve had a lot of my former teammates and friends and former players call me up and ask for tickets. The tickets were free and I want to thank the Boston Public Schools and Mayor Menino to let us use the ice.”

East Boston Senior Goaltender Sean O’Halloran
“It was just awesome to finally get the privilege to play here. Watching the Bruins play here, it’s just awesome. Even though we did not get the win, it’s still great.”

“The replays and stuff, you just want to watch yourself. You just have to keep your head in the game and keep going.”

“We found out at the beginning of the season when we got our schedules and we were all psyched to play here…It’s like a dream, a dream come true. It’s awesome.”

Latin Academy Senior Captain Kevin Moran
“It was amazing, such a privilege. I still can’t even believe it. I had to take a last skate around the ice, just to take it in. It’s truly something.

“I was amped beyond belief. I could not even believe it…To win 4-3 in my senior year, it is insane. It is awesome.”

“The ice was a bit soft, it was not that bad. Overall, it was not a big change.”

Latin Academy Head Coach Bob McCormick
“Well, I think our captain just said it all. His word was amped up. I don’t use that word, but I think I would tend to agree.”

“I thought it was an excellent game. East Boston really took it to us. Their goalie [Sean O’Halloran] was really holding them with the shots.”

“It took our captain leadership. You met him. What a high-caliber kid. Kevin Moran is a winner, he’s a senior and we’re really going to hate to see him go, but he’s quite a leader. We needed all of his ability today.”

“It’s a place that you come to, your grandfather takes you. I graduated Latin Academy when it was right over there in the shadows of Fenway. It is just really nice, what an excellent opportunity to be able to come in here…It’s even nicer to be able to walk out of here with a win.” 

Game 2 (Girls): Boston Latin 1, Latin Academy 0
Captain Julia Caldwell scored the game’s only goal and goaltender Micaela Clark pitched the shutout for the Wolfpack as they captured their third win of the season against a winless Dragons squad through five games.


Boston Latin Captain Julia Caldwell
“I saw the puck down the other end, so I just kind of instinctually grabbed it and took it down. I did not see anyone open and luckily it got a good bounce and went in.”

“It’s a lot quieter too. You’re not in a rink and nothing is echoing…”

“It was overwhelming at first to look up and see us…Once you are realize it is just ice, the same ice we skate on, it is just another game.”

“At first, we asked if the boys were playing with us and they said no…I honestly think that was the best part of the experience…”

Boston Latin Forward Mary Kate Lampron
“The ice is a lot softer, it’s almost melting when you are on the edges…”

Game 3: Mount Saint Charles 4, Cathedral 2
Junior Brian Belisle scored a hat trick as the Mounties, perennial Rhode Island state powers, downed Springfield Cathedral. Led by Brian’s father David, the victory was Mount’s sixth in eight games to open the season and was very special for the coach as he enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime moment with his son — although the pair are both fans of the hated New York Yankees.


Springfield Cathedral Head Coach Brian Foley
“It was a good game. Mount’s a great team. The atmosphere was all we had hoped for.”

“They got off to a 2-0 lead in the first. They are a bunch of hardworking kids and I knew they would not quit. We got it back to tie and they scored right at the end of the second, which was a tough goal because I thought we had the momentum…Two good teams, you know. We just battled it out. It was a good game.”

“It just so nice for the Fenway Group to invite us out here. For all that the school has been through [with tornado relief efforts], we needed something good to happen to us and we could not be more appreciative for the opportunity to play here.”

Mount St. Charles Senior Captain Brian Campbell
“On the first play, I got the puck in the corner, I looked up and saw nobody was really on me, so I decided to skate as fast as I could. I put a nice move on the defenseman and I just slid it over to Brian [Belisle] and he did the rest.”

“I really get heckled a lot at home being a Yankees fan, but a Yankees fan for life…We were all out there, we really did not want to leave and coach actually just kicked us off…We were all sliding around, having a good time, taking pictures. The whole experience, I’ll never forget.”

Mount St. Charles Junior Forward Brian Belisle
“Unbelievable. Once in a lifetime. Just looking around…I’ve never had a feeling like this before.”

“It’s pretty big. I’ve never really played like an organized game outdoors but I’ve played pond hockey, so it is pretty cool having an organized game like this at Fenway Park. It’s just great.”

“[We've just been] getting our act together. I guess, playing as a team, getting pumped up before games. We just have to keep it up and just keep doing what we are doing.”

Mount St. Charles Head Coach Dave Belisle
“Coming from a hockey family and coming from a father who played outdoors when he first started…to be able to come to this venue and…for my son to do so well, it was just a wonderful evening for the Belisles and also for Mount St. Charles.”

“I think the difference is that they are learning our system. We only had four returnees from last season, so that is a very inexperienced team…They are playing with a little more confidence. It’s still going to take some time. As you saw in this game today, there were times…we looked very inexperienced. We are going to have our ups and downs, but I think mostly on the up side now.”

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